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How to Verify a Professional's License in Chandler?

Eligible professionals in Chandler require licenses issued by about 225 professional boards and commissions before they are allowed to offer their services. These include the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration for architects, engineers, geologists, home inspectors, and surveyors. Similarly, the Arizona Registrar of Contractors issues licenses for general, residential, and specialty contractors. Before hiring an individual, residents of Chandler should ensure that the individual has the relevant qualification and has been issued a license from the proper licensing board.

You can confirm the license of a professional in Chandler by using the online search tools provided by their licensing boards. For example, the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration provides a registered professional search via its website. The Arizona Registrar of Contractors as well also provides an online contractor search page that can be used to confirm the licensing status of general and specialty contractors like electricians and HVAC technicians.

Permits are also required before home improvements and construction work can be initiated in Chandler. The city's Development Services Department is responsible for issuing permits for proposed buildings, home improvements, and other construction related work. Obtaining these permits typically requires the submission of a free pre-technical review for new buildings, site plan developments, and proposed subdivisions. You can contact the Development Services Administration at (480) 782-3000 for questions and additional information on permits.

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Do Chandler Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

There are currently 75 neighborhood associations in Chandler. These associations mobilize leadership and resources to advance their neighborhoods and improve the quality of life of their residents. Chandler established a neighborhood program in 2000 to strengthen the city's neighborhoods through engagements, collaboration, training, grants, and development. However, the neighborhood associations in Chandler do not issue permits for home improvement or construction projects.

In November 2020 it was reported that as a result of conversations started by the Silk Stockings neighborhood, the Chandler City Council approved a new ordinance that helps preserve the historic design of the city. Additionally, it was announced in February 2021 that Chandler will launch a program to meet the neighborhood preservation needs of seniors with a $20,000 donation made by Amazon.

How to File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Chandler?

The Consumer Litigation Unit of the Arizona Attorney General has jurisdiction over matters concerning consumer fraud and investigates complaints about deceptive or unfair business practices in Arizona. Residents of Chandler who need to file unfair business complaints can do so with the Office of the Arizona Attorney General by completing an online form. Alternatively, you can download a Consumer Complaint Form, print it, and submit it along with any supporting documents via fax to (602) 542-4579 or via email. You can also send the complaint form by mail to:

  • Office of the Arizona Attorney General
  • Consumer Information and Complaints
  • 2005 North Central Avenue,
  • Phoenix, AZ 85004

When complaints are received by the Consumer Litigation Unit, they are acknowledged and reviewed to determine if the business or individual in question is liable, as accused in the complaint. The Consumer Litigation Unit will also usually contact the business or individual with the permission of the complainant for their response. Complainants who are not satisfied with the outcome of the Consumer Litigation Unit's actions can choose to consult an attorney for advice on the possibility of pursuing litigation. An option for litigation is the small claims court which in Arizona has limited jurisdiction over civil cases where the amount in contention does not exceed $3,500. You can file your small claim case at the Maricopa County Justice Court located at:

  • Maricopa County Justice Court
  • 201 East Chicago Street
  • Chandler, AZ 85225
  • Phone: (602) 372-3400