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How to Verify a Professional's License in Tempe?

Residents of Tempe City who hire unlicensed professionals are at high risk of falling victims to fraud and consumer scams. This makes it crucial for residents to verify a professional's licensing status before hiring this professional. The licensing of professionals across Tempe City is handled by several specialized state licensing boards and agencies. For example, the Arizona State Board of Behavioral Health Examiners licenses and regulates more than 10,000 behavioral health professionals, while the Arizona Registrar of Contractors licenses construction contractors. Locally, the government of Tempe City may also require certain professionals, such as construction contractors, to obtain an additional city license. Residents of Tempe City can verify a professional's license by checking the database of the relevant licensing agency or contacting this agency's local office. For example, residents can verify a contractor's license by utilizing the Arizona Registrar of Contractors' contractor search portal or contacting the agency's Phoenix Office at (602) 542-1525. Similarly, residents can confirm if a professional requires a city license by contacting the city's Tax and License Office at (480) 350-2955.

Besides licensing requirements, certain professionals in Tempe City are further required to follow some occupational regulations before undertaking specific jobs. For example, construction contractors must obtain the relevant permit before undertaking any construction jobs. The city's Department of Community Development, through its Building Safety Division, generally issues these permits and also addresses queries related to permitting at (480) 350-8341.

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Do Tempe Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

Tempe City is segmented into six electoral districts, and most of the city's neighborhoods are organized into these districts. Residents can utilize the city's precinct map to check what district their neighborhood falls under and how other neighborhoods are organized. The local affairs of Tempe City are governed by the City Council, which comprises six council members and the City Mayor. Despite being the city's local government, the Tempe City Council does not issue construction or home improvement permits. The issuance of such permits is generally left to the city's Department of Community Development. Essentially, the City Council focuses on developing policies for the safety of residents and the city's economic progress. For example, in January 2021, the City Council approved a plan to redevelop the Tempe Macayo's Depot Cantina site into a mixed-use property. The proposed mixed-use property is expected to house commercial office spaces and a hotel. Also, in April 2021, the City Council reaffirmed the mandatory use of face masks in the city, despite the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions across the state by Governor Doug Ducey. The City Council noted that it would only lift the mandatory use of masks based on scientific indications that it is safe to do so.

How Do You File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Tempe?

The Tempe 311 initiative helps city residents make inquiries regarding city services and resources, including how to file an unfair business complaint. To utilize the 311 initiative, residents can call (480) 350-4311 or download the Tempe 311 mobile app, which is free and available online for iOS and Android devices. Alternatively, residents can file an unfair business complaint directly with the Arizona Attorney General's Phoenix Office. These complaints can be filed online, by fax, email, mail, or in-person. To submit a complaint by fax, email, mail, or in-person, a complainant must obtain a complaint form, which is downloadable in English or Spanish. Then, the complainant can fax the completed form to (602)-542-4579, email it, or deliver it by mail or in-person to

  • Office of the Attorney General, Consumer Information and Complaints
  • 2005 North Central Avenue
  • Phoenix, AZ 85004

For unfair business practices that involve suspected criminal activity, residents can contact the Tempe City Police Department at (480) 350-8311 to file a separate complaint.

Complainants should note that filing an unfair business complaint does not guarantee that they will receive personal redress against the professional or business. For personal redress, complainants are advised to consult a qualified attorney and consider suing the business or professional. Civil proceedings of this nature are usually instituted at the small claims division of the Maricopa County Justice Court, which handles civil cases with a maximum claim of $3,500.