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How to Verify a Professional's License in Glendale?

Before offering their services within Glendale City, professionals must first obtain the relevant professional license from the appropriate state licensing agency. For example, accountants must obtain their license from the Arizona Board of Accountancy, while the Arizona Registrar of Contractors licenses and regulates over 40,000 eligible building professionals that are qualified to work in the city. Accordingly, Glendale residents can verify a professional's license by contacting the local office of the appropriate licensing agency. For instance, to verify the license of a construction professional, residents of Glendale can contact the Phoenix Office of Arizona Registrar of Contractors at (602) 542-1525. Additionally, most licensing agencies have an online database for licensed professionals that residents can use to verify a professional's license. To this end, the Arizona Registrar of Contractors provides an online license database search that residents of Glendale City can use to verify the licenses of construction professionals in the city.

While Glendale professionals typically obtain their licenses from state agencies, they may also be required to satisfy city-specific requirements before performing any job. For example, construction professionals in Glendale City must obtain the appropriate permit before performing any construction work within the city. The city's Department of Development Services handles the issuance of such permits and also addresses queries regarding permits at (623) 930-2800 or (623) 930-3138.

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Do Glendale Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

Glendale is segmented into six districts, and every neighborhood falls under one of these districts. The City Mayor and representatives from each district constitute Glendale's City Council, and this Council performs governmental functions, develops and implements policies, and oversees the city's development.

Generally, the City Council does not issue construction or home improvement permits. However, it exercises its regulatory and oversight powers for the city's benefit and overall development. For instance, in December 2020, the City Council approved the annexation of some properties within the city for the purpose of real estate and housing development. This development is expected to have industrial, commercial, and residential benefits for residents of Glendale. Similarly, in August 2021, the City Council approved a collaboration between the city, the Arizona Cardinals, and a real estate firm, to develop specified parts of the city into mixed-use property projects.

How Do You File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Glendale?

Residents of Glendale can file unfair business complaints regarding a professional with the Arizona Attorney General (AG) Office's Phoenix Office. These complaints can be filed online, or by completing either an English or Spanish complaint form and delivering the completed form to

  • Office of the Attorney General, Consumer Information and Complaints
  • 2005 North Central Avenue
  • Phoenix, AZ 85004

The completed form can also be submitted via email or fax to (602)-542-4579. It is recommended that complainants attach any documentation that can support their case to these submissions. These documentation can include written bids, signed contracts, or receipts. Glendale residents can further contact the Arizona AG Office's Phoenix Office for assistance on consumer complaint filings at (602) 542-5763. Finally, if the professional's actions involve any criminal act, a separate report can be filed with the Glendale Police Department online or by calling (623) 930-3000.

It should be noted that filed consumer complaints are investigated in the public's interest, and private restitution is not guaranteed. For private restitution, you should seek legal advice from a qualified attorney and commence civil proceedings against the professional or business. If the claim involves $3,500 or less, these proceedings can be commenced at the Maricopa County Justice Court's Small Claims Division.