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What to Ask Before Hiring an Electrician in Scottsdale 

Referred to as “the West's Most Western Town,” Scottsdale’s fine golf courses, resorts, and beautiful scenery have earned it a reputation as one of the country's most desirable communities to visit, live, or do business in. Now, whether living, touring, or working in the city, Scottsdale electricians are always ready to handle any electrical emergency or project. From fixing tripped outlets, repairing faulty electrical apparatus, or upgrading an entire electrical system to securing a permit for electrical installations,  electricians in the city are qualified to fulfill your electrical needs satisfactorily. 

What Do I Need to Know Before Hiring an Electrician in Scottsdale? 

When undertaking electrical projects and addressing electrical problems in Scottsdale, hiring a professional electrician makes all the difference between getting safe and satisfactory service delivery and risking serious body injuries and property damage. This is because professional Scottsdale electricians are trained to install, repair, replace, and maintain electrical systems and equipment per applicable provisions of the National Electrical Code and its local amendments. Thus, it is always best to hire licensed and experienced Scottsdale electricians to address any electrical matters, including, but not limited to, the following instances: 

  • Repairing damaged electrical panels, switches, and circuit breakers 
  • Wiring newly constructed or renovated buildings  
  • Installing, replacing, or repairing damaged or faulty electrical fixtures and outlets  
  • Pulling electrical permits  
  • Correcting code violations  

Are You Licensed as an Electrician in Scottsdale? 

Electricians in Scottsdale must hold one of the following licenses issued by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (ROC) before plying their trade in the city: 

  • R-11 Electrical: This license authorizes the electrician to work on residential electrical systems. 
  • C-11 Electrical: This license authorizes the electrician to work on electrical systems and equipment that generate, transmit, or utilize electrical energy less than 600 volts. 
  • CR-11 Electrical: This license authorizes the electrician to perform work within the authorized scopes of both R-11 and C-11 licenses. 

Be aware that doing electrical work in Scottsdale without appropriate licensing is unlawful and punishable by fines of at least $1,000.

You can verify your prospective Scottsdale electrician’s license status online via the ROC’s Contractor Search tool. Always do this before finalizing hiring arrangements with the electrician to avoid hiring an unqualified person.   

What Rates Do You Charge for Your Electrical Services in Scottsdale? 

Scottsdale electricians typically charge average hourly rates of $40 - $100 for their services. Nevertheless, the overall cost of engaging these electricians will depend on several factors, including the following: 

  • The type and scope of the electrical work 
  • The urgency of the task 
  • Your location within the city 
  • The complexity and labor intensity of the job 
  • The cost of the materials and permits needed for the job 
  • Your prospective electrician’s local reputation and level of experience   

You can determine the current market rates for your specific electrical project by requesting and comparing cost estimates from up to three local electricians. Doing this is also an effective way to avoid being scammed by fraudulent electricians. We advise you to always do this before making your final hiring decision.    

Are You a Master Electrician in Scottsdale? 

Scottsdale electricians can be divided into three general categories based on their levels of work experience: 

  • Apprentice Electricians: These are entry-level electricians still enrolled in training programs. Apprentice electricians are generally not experienced enough to do electrical work on their own and must always be supervised by a master electrician.  
  • Journeyman Electricians: These electricians have significant theoretical knowledge and practical experience in electrical works. 
  • Master Electricians: These electricians hold a state-issued license authorizing them to offer residential, commercial, or dual combination electrical services. Master electricians typically have at least four years of practical electrical work experience. They are generally qualified to perform any type of electrical work within the scope of their respective licenses.  

Always hire master electricians for your electrical projects in Scottsdale and ensure that the electrician you choose has the proper license classification for the electrical work you need. 

Will My Electrical Project Require a Permit in Scottsdale? 

You must obtain an electrical permit from the Scottsdale Planning and Development Services Department before installing, altering, reconstructing, or repairing electrical wiring on any building, structure, swimming pool, or mechanical equipment in Scottsdale. Nevertheless, exemptions are possible for work involving low-voltage landscape accent lighting. Also, note that permitted electrical work in Scottsdale must commence and be inspected no later than 180 days after the permit is issued. The number and types of inspections required generally depend on the nature and scope of the work. 

Inquiries concerning Scottsdale electrical permits can be directed to the city’s Planning and Development Department at (480) 312-2500. 

What Type of Electrical Services Do You Offer in Scottsdale? 

Professional electricians in Scottsdale generally offer a variety of electrical services, including the following:  

Circuit Breaker Switch Replacement
$135 - $250 
Electrical Panel/Wiring Upgrade
$1,200 - $4,500 
Outlet and Fixtures Installation/Replacement
$100 - $250 
Home Wiring/Rewiring
$2,500 - $10,000 
General Repair Work
$40 - $300 
Service Equipment Upgrades
$450 - $6,500 
Electrical Inspection/Safety Check
$105 - $250 
Emergency Electrical Services (on top of regular charges)
$100 - $200 per hour

Will You Be Doing the Work, or Do You Outsource the Electrical Work in Scottsdale? 

While many professional electricians in Scottsdale can do most electrical work by themselves, they might need to outsource some of the tasks to other experienced electricians for commercial or industrial projects, especially if these projects must be completed by a specific date. Nonetheless, before finalizing agreements with any electrician in the city, always ask if the work will be outsourced, regardless of its scope.  

Take the following actions if your selected electrician plans to outsource part or all of your electrical project: 

  • Ensure that the subcontractors are appropriately licensed, qualified and experienced. 
  • Check their bond and insurance coverage. 
  • Get a lien waiver to protect yourself from being held liable if the primary electrician fails to pay the subcontractors on time. 

Are You a Fully Insured and Bonded Scottsdale Electrician? 

Scottsdale electricians must post a contractor's bond and file it with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (ROC) to legally perform electrical work in the city. The amount for this bond typically ranges from $4,250 to $50,000 (more in the case of electricians with dual licenses) depending on the individual electrician’s license classification and estimated volume of work. In addition, you should ensure that your preferred electrician carries general liability insurance to cover third-party injuries and property damage and state-mandated workers' compensation insurance for their employees, if applicable. 

As such, before hiring a Scottsdale electrician, always request them for proof of adequate bond and insurance coverage.  

For more information about Scottsdale electricians' bond and insurance requirements, call the Arizona Registrar of Contractors at (602) 542-1525 and (877) 692-9762.   

Do You Offer Any Warranties on Your Electrical Work in Scottsdale? 

Reliable Scottsdale electricians always offer warranties covering both their electrical services and the materials they use. Nonetheless, you should always confirm this and never work with an electrician who does not provide warranties. You should also request a written copy of the warranty and carefully review its terms and conditions. Be aware that the scope and coverage of these warranties typically vary from electrician to electrician. In any case, ensure that the electrical work warranty you are offered is valid for at least a year.   

How Do I Resolve Any Issue I Have with Your Electrical Services in Scottsdale? 

You can file a complaint with the Arizona Attorney General's Office regarding unsatisfactory electrical services and electrician scams in Scottsdale either online or by sending a consumer complaint form to this office by email, fax to (602)-542-4579, or mail to the following address: 

Office of the Attorney General Consumer Information and Complaints 2005 N Central Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85004

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors also accepts complaints against Scottsdale electricians via its Online Customer Portal. Note that you must register with a user account on the portal to use this option.