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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Lock Smith or Pop a Lock in Scottsdale

Every year, around 20 million Americans lose their keys – even in a city like Scottsdale, with less than 245,000 residents and 117,500 occupied housing units, this still amounts to a lot of missing keys. Besides the frustration of losing your key, there is the risk of your property being compromised if you fail to replace these keys quickly. Luckily, Scottsdale locksmiths can help you resolve your lockout problems quickly and effectively. From replacing lost keys and upgrading your existing locks and security systems to making copies of your keys, fixing damaged locks, and opening stuck safes, these locksmiths are available and equipped to provide any service you require.

However, before you hire locksmiths in the Most Western Town, be sure to do your due diligence so that you don't end up with an unqualified person or, even worse, a scammer. A good way to determine if a locksmith is the right fit for the job is by asking these questions:

What Do I Need to Know Before Hiring a Locksmith in Scottsdale?

While there aren't any licensing requirements for locksmithing in Scottsdale, many locksmiths in the city choose to undergo voluntary certification to show their competence. You should choose certified locksmiths, as they are usually more professional, knowledgeable, and experienced than non-certified locksmiths. It is vital to ensure the locksmith you choose specializes in the right area. For example, if you have car-related lock issues, you should get an auto locksmith, not a traditional locksmith (who typically focuses on building-related lockouts).

Other factors to consider before hiring a locksmith in Scottsdale include:

  • The urgency of the problem
  • The locksmith's availability and current location
  • The locksmith's service charges

Are You Licensed as a Locksmith in Scottsdale?

Locksmiths don't need an occupation-specific license to work in Scottsdale; they must get a locally-issued business license to conduct business in the city. Regardless, it's always a good idea to hire locksmiths who have been trained and certified by well-known local trade schools and international organizations like

  • The Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA)
  • The Institutional Locksmiths Association
  • The Safe and Vault Technicians Association (SAVTA)
  • The Society of Professional Locksmiths (SOPL)

Certified locksmiths are more knowledgeable and competent than the competition. They also undergo background checks, receive continuous education, and have to comply with their certifying organizations' professional and ethical standards, all of which help assure you that you'll be dealing with a qualified and trustworthy individual.

Always ask for proof of certifications your chosen locksmith says they have and authenticate it with the appropriate organization.

What Rates Do You Charge for Your Locksmith Services in Scottsdale?

Locksmiths in Scottsdale usually charge around $25 to $50 per hour, and the overall cost of locksmith services in the city typically ranges from $80 to $250. However, this overall cost is usually determined by factors such as:

  • The nature of services
  • The urgency of the job
  • The time of day
  • Your location
  • Trip fees

It's a good idea to ask several locksmiths for prices so you can compare rates before hiring. This helps you know if any locksmiths are trying to charge too much. However, be wary of locksmiths whose rates are way lower than the competition; some scammers do this to trick people.

What Kind of Locksmith Services Do You Offer?

While professional locksmiths in Scottsdale offer different kinds of locksmith services, you should always confirm your preferred locksmith's area of expertise before hiring. It is also a good idea to discuss their service charges and agree to their rates before they start work to avoid misunderstandings later.

Here are some common services Scottsdale locksmiths offer and how much they might cost:

Key duplication:
$10 - $25
House/building lockout:
$50 - $200
Door lock repair:
$50 - $200
Door lock installation:
$100 - $325
Deadbolt installation:
$80 - $300
Electronic lock installation:
$200 - $530
Smart lock installation:
$100 - $650
Key extraction:
$50 - $200
Key replacement:
$70 - $110
Rekeying house locks:
$70 - $150
Safe opening:
$150 - $450
Changing locks:
$150 - $555
Filing cabinet lock replacement:
$50 - $85
Mailbox key replacement:
$50 - $80
Auto locksmith services:
$20 - $350
Emergency services (in addition to regular charges):
$100 - $250

Do You Provide Auto Locksmith Services in Scottsdale?

Auto locksmiths are experts in resolving vehicle-related lockouts. These professionals offer services like:

  • Repairing and replacing faulty car and motorcycle locks
  • Unlocking car doors
  • Opening locked trunks
  • Replacing or copying vehicle keys
  • Programming key fobs
  • Extracting stuck/broken keys
  • Fixing faulty ignitions
  • Changing doors actuators

Clarify with your auto locksmith they have ample experience working on your vehicle's make and model. This is especially crucial if you need to make new keys for a motorcycle because motorcycle keys often use distinct coding that requires specialized tools and skills for cutting copies.

Here are price estimates for some common services auto locksmiths in Scottsdale typically offer:

Key duplication:
$10 - $50
$40 - $110
Car lockout:
$80 - $150
Key extraction:
$50 - $200
Door lock repair:
$50 - $150
Car ignition repair:
$150 - $350
Changing locks:
$50 - $150
Transponder key reprogramming:
$50 - $250
Keyless fob replacement:
$150 - $300
Key replacement:
$75 - $265
Bike lock change:
$70 - $150
Motorcycle key replacement:
$80 - $125
Car door and truck lock repair:
$50 - $250
Motorcycle seat lock repair/replacement:
$10 - $40
Motorcycle steering/wheel lock repair/replacement:
$20 - $55
Motorcycle gas cap lock repair/replacement:
$10 - $25
Mobile services (in addition to regular charges):
$100 - $250

Do You Provide Emergency or 24-hour Locksmith Services?

While most lockout problems need quick attention, some situations are urgent, and you need to call a good locksmith immediately. These emergencies include:

  • Getting locked out of your home
  • Needing to change your locks after a break-in
  • Having your key snap in its lock
  • Losing your keys

Mobile locksmiths are a great option for these emergencies since they operate out of mobile workshops, which gives them a few advantages over regular locksmiths, such as:

  • Quicker response times
  • Easier access to remote locations
  • 24/7 availability
  • More on-the-job experience because of the high volume of requests they typically receive

You can also look into self-service locksmith brands like KeyMe or MinuteKey that let you store digital copies of your keys online and create physical copies when needed using an app and a self-service kiosk. However, know the limitations of these services, like the unavailability of self-service kiosks near you and possible data breaches exposing your keys to unauthorized parties.

Here are a few things you can do to reduce lockouts and make dealing with them easier:

  • Organize your keys
  • Get spares
  • Use lockboxes
  • Install smart locks
  • Keep the contact info of one or two reputable nearby locksmiths for emergencies.

Do You Conduct Background Checks on Your Employees?

Hiring a locksmith you can trust is important to avoid theft, robbery, or blackmail. In addition to hiring certified locksmiths (usually vetted by their certifying organizations), ensure your chosen locksmith conducts background checks on their employees, especially those dealing with customers or handling their information. Reputable Scottsdale-based locksmiths usually vet their employees via:

  • Criminal background checks
  • Civil record checks
  • Credit checks
  • Random drug screenings
  • Driving record checks
  • Previous employment verifications

It is advisable to look up reviews and testimonials on your preferred locksmiths online. Likewise, get the names and descriptions of the actual locksmiths assigned to your job and insist they show you their company ID to verify this information when they get to your location.

Do You Offer Any Warranties on Your Locksmith Services?

Always confirm that you'll be given a warranty before committing to any locksmiths in Scottsdale; warranties guarantee that the job will be done right and with high-quality products. Professional locksmiths usually offer two main kinds of warranties – a Manufacturer's Warranty that covers problems with the products used and a Workmanship Warranty that covers problems resulting from the locksmith's actual work.

The scope of coverage and conditions of these warranties vary by product and locksmith; however, many standard locksmithing warranties do not usually cover problems that are caused by:

  • Improper lock installation or unauthorized repairs
  • Misuse, negligence, vandalism, and natural disasters

Nonetheless, requesting written copies of your warranties to familiarize yourself with their specific terms and conditions is always a good idea.

How Do I Resolve Any Issue I Have with a Locksmith's Services in Scottsdale?

There are some red flags that show a locksmith might be shady, such as:

  • They offer really low rates compared to other locksmiths
  • They want you to pay before they start work
  • They are hesitant to show you a company ID or offer warranties, receipts, and other written documentation
  • They try to scare or pressure you into paying for services you don't need
  • They have little-to-no online presence or local listings on trusted review sites like BBB and Yelp

You can report shady locksmiths and resolve issues you may have with your locksmiths in Scottsdale by filing a complaint against them with the Arizona Attorney General's Office. These complaints can be filed online or by mailing and submitting a hard copy consumer complaint form to the office either via fax to (602)-542-4579, email, or regular mail to:

Office of the Attorney General
Consumer Information and Complaints
2005 N Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85004

You can also report matters involving theft, threats, and other similar incidents to the Scottsdale PD for immediate assistance.